Ghost Cab - Electric guitar pedal - Cabinet simulator, Preamp

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All audio clips were recorded with Ghost Cab connected directly to the audio interface of the computer.
The guitars used in the clips:

Fender Stratocaster (equipped with 3 Fender single coil pickups)
Jackson Concept (equipped with 3 Warman humbucker pickups)

Clip 1
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (neck + middle pickups, then neck pickup)
Note: Ghost Cab and nothing else
Mic Pos: 8/10
Cab Size: 7/10
Response: 4/10
Mic Gain: 5/10
Preamp: ON

Clip 2
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (bridge + middle pickups)
Note: Ghost Cab in conjunction with Via Lattea Overdrive
Mic Pos: 8/10
Cab Size: 5/10
Response: 8/10
Mic Gain: 4/10
Preamp: ON

Clip 3
Guitar: Jackson Concept (bridge pickup)
Note: Ghost Cab in conjunction with Naoto Distortion
Mic Pos: 4/10
Cab Size: 5/10
Response: 3/10
Mic Gain: 5/10
Preamp: ON

Clip 4
Guitar: Jackson Concept (bridge pickup)
Note: Ghost Cab in conjunction with Novanta Distortion e TC Electronics Nova Delay
Mic Pos: 5/10
Cab Size: 7/10
Response: 2/10
Mic Gain: 5/10
Preamp: ON

Clip 5
Guitar: Jackson Concept (bridge pickup)
Note: Ghost Cab in conjunction with Black Phillip Metal Distortion
Mic Pos: 7/10
Cab Size: 10/10
Response: 1/10
Mic Gain: 5/10
Preamp: ON

Ghost Cab is a cabinet simulator in the enclosure of a normal guitar pedal, it can simulate, in a completely ANALOGUE way, the behavior of a mic'd guitar cabinet.

Extremely comfortable
Its shape and the small size make it a quick cabinet simulator to set up, easy to transport and immediate in terms of connections. It’s sufficient to place Ghost Cab as the last pedal in an effects chain and connecting it directly to P.A. or to the computer without the real need for an amplifier.
Ghost Cab offers 4 controls specifically designed to work on the frequencies a microphone captures when positioned near a guitar cabinet, a toggle switch allows to insert or remove a class A preamp (when Ghost Cab is connected in the effects loop of an amplifier, the integrated preamp should be unplugged) and a headphone jack.

The controls present are:
Mic Gain: controls the gain of the virtual microphone;
Mic Position: intervenes on the positioning of the microphone, low values ​​determine a positioning of the virtual microphone towards the edge of the cone, high values ​​recreate the typical punchy sounds of a microphone in the center of the cone;
Respose: intervenes on the response of the speakers, low values ​​recall more rock-oriented characteristics, high values ​​shift the sound spectrum towards more vintage sounds;
Cab Size: works on the overall dimensions of the cabinet, giving deeper sounds with the increase of this control.

Analogue Vs. digital
Since the early 2000s, the digital market has hugely grown up about amp-modeling and related cabinet simulations to surprise even the most expert and refined ears. In the mid-2010s, a new technology was introduced changing the whole guitar world, from beginner to professional, this technology is called Impulse Response. These Impulse Response (or simply IR) are very small .wav files containing digital information relating to the response of a certain sound environment (rooms, gyms, churches, but also guitar speakers), bringing with them the enormous advantage of exchange, creating real communities and also a real digital market.
The analogue counterpart has never had this strong need to expand in this field although the analogue guitarist has never been too inclined to let his amp apart. However, several manufacturers have put on the market excellent analog cab sims, just mention Hughes & Kettner with the very famous Red Box extremely popular in the 90s, or even older the famous SR&D Rockman who marked an era about recording the guitar with integrated cabinet simulator, bringing its sound back to the decade of the 80s.
Ghost Cab wants to combine the convenience of use and the variety of sounds available into a digital device with the warmth and purity of an analog device.
Ghost Cab is designed for the current guitarist: whether it’s the young person who wants to play with headphones at late night with his real analog pedalboard or the professional who wants to avoid miking his amplifier live, or the lazy guitarist who is tired of carrying tons of equipment with him. Ghost Cab, indispensable for today’s guitarist, lover of great sound.