Pop Festival - Electric guitar pedal - Fuzz

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All audio clips were recorded with a handcrafted tube head and 2x12 cabinet equipped with Celestion Creamback 75 speakers set to an extremely clean setting.
The guitars used in the clips:

Fender Stratocaster (equipped with 3 Fender single coil pickups)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (equipped with 2 Gibson humbucker pickups)
Fender Telecaster American (equipped with 2 Fender single coil pickups)

Clean sound guitar/amp with no effects at all

Clip 1 Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (Bridge pickup) Genre: 60s Heavy Rock Fuzz: 10/10 Tone: 4/10 Smash: 2/10 Volume: 5/10

Clip 2 Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (neck pickup) Genre: Jazz/Fusion Fuzz: 5/10 Tone: 8/10 Smash: 10/10 Volume: 5/10

Clip 3 Guitar: Fender Telecaster (bridge pickup) Genre: 60s Rock Fuzz: 7/10 Tone: 8/10 Smash: 8/10 Volume: 5/10


Pop Festival fuzz comes from the electricity and psychedelic sounds from the late 60s; a historical period of extreme sound experimentation. Artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Cream, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Santana, Ten Years After… were titans of international music consecrated by their tone: they totally revolutionized the guitar sound. Probably, without their contribution, music would not be the same today.

Let’s take advantage of the guitar controls!
The Pop Festival has 2 controls: Volume and Fuzz. The obtainable nuances from this pedal are truly innumerable, from a slight effervescence on the upper harmonics, to a square wave simulating the effect of an amplifier on the verge of destruction.
One of the big advantages of the best fuzzes of the past is the ability to drive distortion with the guitar controls: Pop Festival has this considerable feature. For best results, it is recommended to always place the Pop Festival at the beginning of the effects chain.

Between legend and myth…
This completely handcrafted fuzz, like all Colombo Audio Electronics products, was the result of a careful study of components and their interaction to obtain the sound that dictated rock history. The market was completely different in the 60s, and the technology wasn’t even comparable to the nowadays facilities. The big difficulties to recreate the sound of the old components was not easy to overcome. Pop Festival entrusts 2 silicon transistors with the fundamental role to generate this “ancient flavor” effect; the greatest challenge, is to make these silicon transistors sound like the old germanium ones, these components are difficult to find nowadays, and above all, the reliability is also very poor (variable sound with the change in temperature and humidity). Pop Festival is the perfect combination of vintage sound, great craftsmanship and reliability.

“Good taste is the death of art” – Truman Capote