Via Lattea - Electric guitar pedal - Overdrive, Booster

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All audio clips were recorded with a handcrafted tube head and 2×12 cabinet equipped with Celestion Creamback 75 speakers set to an extremely clean setting.
The guitars used in the clips:

Fender Stratocaster (equipped with 3 Fender single coil pickups)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (equipped with 2 Gibson humbucker pickups)
Fender Telecaster American (equipped with 2 Fender single coil pickups)

Clean sound guitar/amp with no effects at all

Clip 1
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (bridge + middle pickup)
Genre: Funky Overdrive: 3/10
Tone: 8/10
Clean: 3/10
Volume: 3/10

Clip 2
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup)
Genre: Rock
Overdrive: 6/10
Tone: 8/10
Clean: 0/10
Volume: 3/10

Clip 3
Guitar: Fender Telecaster (bridge pickup)
Genre: 60s Surf/Rock
Overdrive: 5/10
Tone: 8/10
Clean: 4/10
Volume: 3/10

Via Lattea was born after a long and careful study period based on the answer to this question: “What is expected from a overdrive pedal?”…
After decades of experience, contacts with musicians, technicians, shops, artisans and music fans in general, the considerations about this indispensable effect in the pedalboard of any guitarist are roughly the same over time: “The Tube Screamer is beautiful! It’s a sin it has so little gain… “, or, “My overdrive doesn’t have enough volume to push my tube amp!”, Or again, “My overdrive tends to compress too much, it ruins my dynamics and picking attack!”.
Finally, Via Lattea! Everything you can expect from an overdrive pedal.

Universal overdrive …
When thinking about an overdrive pedal, the first thing that comes to mind is the Tube Screamer. The Milky Way evolves precisely on the sound of TS808 with the possibility of having much (really much) more gain, moreover, the output volume available is even more enhanced than a standard booster pedal.
The exclusive “Clean” control can add the unchanged clean guitar sound to the signal altered by the overdrive, your clean boosted signal in parallel (+20db available), to balance to the overdriven signal.

Why the “Clean” knob?
A guitarist well knows how important is the dynamics and the touch of his hand, as well as most of the pre-drive processors, tend to flatten his dynamics reducing his own guitar footprint. The “Clean” control lets your unchanged clean sound passing through, in conjunction with the overdrive.
Do you want a clean boost? Bring all overdrive controls to zero and manage the amount of boost (up to 20db) through the “Clean” control.