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Colombo Audio Electronics

Colombo Audio Electronics project was created by Luca Colombo in January 2018. Guided by a strong passion for music and instruments since early age, taking advantage of a good electronics knowledge from his studies and beyond. In 2013, he began producing guitar pedals for personal use.
Little time passes before some friends and bandmates ask him to build other pedals (mostly replicas of famous pedals), and in 2014, even a couple of tube amps are completely built by hand, with the traditional methods of the past.
After a few years of pure personal pleasure, the choice to give life to this wonderful project at the service of music and musicians.

The catalogue of Colombo Audio Electronics boutique pedals provides a vast assortment for the guitarist of all kinds.
All pedals are entirely handmade by Luca Colombo with high quality components. Each unit is made in a unique way by dedicating the utmost dedication: passion and patience are the basis of our philosophy with the ultimate aim of satisfying the customer with products perfectly classified on the fine line between instrument and work of art.

"One day I felt a very strong desire to make music but the instrument I wanted to play didn't exist yet, so I built it..."



Partnership with MOD Audio

The analog authenticity proper of Colombo Audio Electronics and Mod Audio, the king of binaries, join with accurate models of our best seller pedals, offering

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The most rewarding thing for us musicians is when the sound we reproduce with our instrument perfectly matches what we have in our head and ears. Colombo Audio Electronics bases its philosophy on this principle: an alternative concept in an era where consumption prevails, and, in such a sophisticated environment as audio, finding on the shelves of large distribution, the sound that really satisfies us, is very difficult, that's because every musician has unique characteristics in the world.

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Like the musician's mind and fingers, Colombo Audio Electronics products are unique in the world, precisely because it's practically impossible to build two of them the same; as much as you can try to reproduce the same product several times, using the same electronic circuit with the same components and the same materials.
The painting process of our pedals takes place with the aid of acrylic-based enamels, the same technique is used by many masterbuilders in the Custom Shop guitar sector, this technique (named pre-1965) allows easier customization in the case of special aesthetic features requested by the customer, it also gives a unique artistic effect. Just keep in mind this kind of technique is surely more fragile than modern industrial techniques and the pedal, if used intensively, will age faster, taking with it the signs and memories of your performances.

The mission

The main target of this company is the full satisfaction of the musician, it’s necessary to listen carefully to the needs of the musician and turn them into reality.
“Satisfaction” also means a sort of pride in being able to document all the phases when building a product, seeing it slowly come to life, authenticating its origin strictly handmade in Italy.
Being able to touch the soul of the musician through a sound character means creating a unique and indissoluble bond between human and instrument. This project has this dream in its deepest roots: the musician will never get tired of his Colombo Audio Electronics equipment.

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Colombo Audio Electronics pedals are made of die-cast aluminum and are then rigorously worked by hand (drilling, filing, milling, etc.) according to customer specifications.
All circuits are handwired, using the antique technique called Point-to-Point.
No printed circuits (PCB) for any product.
Components are soldered with lead-free tin. All completely handwired according to the laws in force but following the traditional manufacturing systems of the past.

Full customization of colors and graphics

Each chassis can be customized as desired: position of the connectors, potentiometers etc.