Iconic pedals, boutique replicas…

Short introduction

There are countless clones of well-known amps and pedals on the market, sometimes at so low prices as to be almost difficult to believe. Although often the results are still satisfactory, these are almost always mass-produced products in huge quantities, on the market by colossal companies whose unique purpose is business.
Colombo Audio Electronics can make by hand most of the pedals and amplifiers which have made history, boutique replicas that exploit the progress of technology only for the benefit of the final quality and NEVER to speed up production or reduce costs.

Why to build a replica?

How can we deny that the sound revolution about guitar, occurred in past years!?! Precisely in the thirty years from the late 60s to the late 90s that effects and amplifiers with magical and recognizable sound were produced in a few moments of listening, attributable to our myths.
Many of these “monsters”, especially the older ones, are very difficult to find, and even if we are lucky enough to find them, the law of the market requires that prices are almost unreachable or at least tenfold compared to products in the same category.
Colombo Audio Electronics is able to replicate many of these masterpieces of the past at the right price, which is the cost of a hand-made job, leaving the customer the fantasy as the only limit: the pedal effects can be painted with color optionally, equipped with custom colors of the LEDs chosen by the customer, you can have a completely free configuration of controls or draw your own logo on the pedal. The most interesting possibility, in terms of customization, is to vary the components of a circuit as desired, making the final result UNIQUE.

Giovanni Rizzo plays Fast Drive, his own replica of Boss OD-1. A lightly modified version intended to have a grittier sound.

Fabio Angiolella plays the beautiful guitar orchestration "Sunday Afternoon" of Queen using Mr.Deaky, a custom replica of the old Deacy Amp. Built by John Deacon for Brian May of Queen.

All the circuits are point-to-point realized. No printed circuit boards are used in our products.

Lead-free solder is always used.

Maximum customization of chassis, layout and graphics…