Ingot Dual Treble Booster - "Il Lingotto" - Electric guitar pedal

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The audio clip featuring the Ingot Dual Treble Booster has been recorded putting a Kensington pedal between Ingot and amp. Kensington pedal has been set in this way: Gain: 8/10 Cut: 9/10 Volume 3/10

Clean sound. No pedals working.

Ingot Dual Treble Booster
Demo dell’Ingot Dual Treble Booster
Rock You Level: 10/10
Wembley Level: 4/10

Inside the Treble Booster Gold Edition (nicknamed, or rather, renamed by some of its users “Ingot – Il Lingotto”) we can find a Rock You Treble Booster daisy-chained to a Wembley Treble Booster, with the addition of a potentiometer that regulates the output level of every single Treble Booster. Brian May used to keep the first Treble Booster always active (in the case of Ingot Dual Treble Booster, we’re talking about Rock You) and occasionally activating the second Treble Booster for certain brighter passages. With Ingot Dual Treble Booster every imaginable sound is easily obtainable.