Novanta - Electric guitar pedal - Marshall Distortion

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All audio clips were recorded with a handcrafted tube head and 2×12 cabinet equipped with Celestion Creamback 75 speakers set to an extremely clean setting. The guitars used in the clips:

Fender Stratocaster (equipped with 3 Fender single coil pickups)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (equipped with 2 Gibson humbucker pickups)
Fender Telecaster American (equipped with 2 Fender single coil pickups)

Clean sound guitar/amp with no effects at all

Clip 1
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (bridge pickup)
Genre: Rock
Gain: 6/10
Harmonics: 7/10
Screams: 4/10
Volume: 4/10

Clip 2
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup)
Genre: Rock
Gain: 8/10
Harmonics: 5/10
Screams: 10/10
Volume: 4/10

Clip 3
Guitar: Fender Telecaster (bridge pickup)
Genre: Rock
Gain: 3/10
Harmonics: 7/10
Screams: 5/10
Volume: 4/10

Novanta, is designed to recreate the guitar sound attributable to the era of the 90s.
From pop music to heavy metal, the voice of the guitars in those years certainly left an indelible mark on guitar history.
As in the glorious Marshall JCM900 head, the heart of Novanta is a dual operational amplifier configured to generate hi-gain sound without denaturate the voice of your instrument.

The controls
Novanta has been designed to be connected to the clean channel of any amplifier, taking advantage of the equalization of your amp to better sculpt your sound. To change our philosophy, the controls (Screams and Harmonics), work on the medium-high and high range of the sound spectrum.
These are passive controls that allow you to switch from sharp sounds to very warm growl, you can reserve more space for the portion of the signal occupied by the higher harmonics (Harmonics) or shift the focus on the vocal frequencies of the guitar (Screams). An innovative system that won’t certainly leave you disappointed!

Sculpting your sound has never been easier.
It’s like having with you an amp-tech ready to modify your amp at any time!

Marshall and the JCM900, the glorious, but also mistreated Marshall JCM900 4100 head, was one of the first professional-grade guitar amps to adopt a fully solid state preamplifier (operational amplifier) ​​to achieve the hi-gain distortion that leads back to the sound of the 90s. Novanta Distortion uses exactly the same principle as the Marshall JCM900, with the addition of a secret weapon on innovative controls, which work precisely on the points where many of the JCM900s were and are still being modified. All this in the weight and size of a normal pedal.