Treble Booster Series – Rock You, Wembley, QueenMaster – Electric guitar pedal

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All the audio clips have been recorded putting a Kensington pedal between Treble Booster and amp. Kensington has been set in this way:

Gain: 8/10
Cut: 9/10
Volume 3/10

Clean sound. No active pedals.

Rock You



Not so many guitarists know how much a Treble Booster is so important, the first pioneers adopting this particular effect were Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton and Brian May. Just the latter has made a “trademark” of its sound by using this small unit in every song recorded with Queen and also in his solo albums.
The 3 Colombo Audio Electronics Treble Boosters has been extremely inspired by Brian May’s sound.

Wembley Treble Booster

Wembley Treble Booster is the most powerful and fat-sounding of the series. As the name implies, this treble booster is inspired by the device used by Brian May in the big concerts during the 80s, very often combined with other treble boosters. In fact, Wembley Treble Booster, in addition to being used as a standalone treble booster, is perfect for accompanying other Treble Boosters in chain, generating tones in a perfect Live At Wembley ’86 style.
Gain: 35db.

Choose Wembley Treble Booster if:

  • You want a fat and full-sounding tone;
  • You want to add more bite to your -already in chain- treble booster (a level potentiometer option is recommended);
  • You use to play at low volume.

Rock You Treble Booster

Rock You Treble Booster has the most modern sound, attributable to Queen concerts or, more generally, to the sound of Brian May in the post-Freddie Mercury era. This doesn’t mean Rock You Treble Booster is not suitable for old-style sounds: its character very easy to tame and its intelligible response on all frequencies (velvety low, well present mids and never annoying treble) is the key to obtain every Brian May tone just using the controls of your guitar and get practically all the nuances imaginable with the advantage of a very low noise.
Gain: 31db.

Choose Wembley Treble Booster if:

  • You like to have total control of your tone;
  • You dislike very noise devices;
  • You use to play on big stages at very loud volume.

QueenMaster Treble Booster

QueenMaster Treble Booster is the most vintage of the series, and it’s inspired by the iconic Dallas Rangemaster used by Brian May (and obviously not only) in the early years of his career. Some tricks on the circuit make QueenMaster much more stable than the device it is inspired by, as the active components of the Rangemaster were very sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. The sound of this treble booster is a milestone, featured in dozens and dozens of recordings in rock history.
Gain 32db.

Choose QueenMaster Treble Booster if:

  • You want a taste of vintage in you rig;
  • You’re searching for a raw and crude temper, full of overtones;
  • You prefer a bright response, in a pure 70’s style.