Kensington Star - Electric guitar pedal - Vox Preamp, Cabinet Simulator, Overdrive

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Kensington pedal connected directly to the audio interface with the cabinet simulation activated on the pedal.
Kensington has been set in these ways in all clips to recreate the sound of Brian May Vox AC30:

Volume: 10/10
Cut: 0/10
Output: 5/10
Mic Position: 7/10

Kensington switched off. Only the cabinet simulation is activated.

Kensington on. No treble booster used.

Kensington on. Rock You Treble Booster connected before.

Kensington on. Wembley Treble Booster connected before.

Kensington on. QueenMaster Treble Booster connected before.

Kensington on. Ingot Treble Booster connected before with the following settings:
Rock You Level: 10/10 – Wembley Level: 4/


Finally a preamp/overdrive pedal capable to reproduce the sound of a Vox AC30 “Normal channel” in a full-analog way, replicating both the tone-work of preamplifier, and the sound qualities of the power amp evoking the harmonious details of its characteristic “no-negative feedback distortion”.
Brian May is undoubtedly the source of inspiration and his incredible sound has accompanied him since the 70s; Kensington pedal has the advantage of being played at any volume and with any real amplifier.

One of the most famous and eclectic guitar sounds in rock history is undoubtedly that of Brian May. Legend has it that Brian first saw the legendary Vox AC30 live with his friend Rory Gallagher. The “Guitar -> Treble Booster -> Vox AC30” configuration was then used by countless guitarists of those times, although Brian May is undoubtedly its greatest exponent.
The only problem with this setup is that it has a very high volume. With Kensington by Colombo Audio Electronics it has never been easier to have THAT SOUND at even very low volumes.

Unlike Kensington (standard version), its younger brother, Kensington Star, includes the ability to activate a 2×12 full-analog speaker simulation, carefully designed to achieve the typical sound of Celestion Blue Alnico speakers, the response of a tube power amp driven by an EL84 quartet, including a “Mic Position” control to precisely sculpt your tone.

Just like in a Vox AC30, the available controls are:

  • Volume: contrary to what the name suggests, this control sets the output gain from the preamp stage, hence the distortion;
  • Cut: as on the Vox AC30, this control cuts the high frequencies by turning it clockwise;
  • Output: determines the output volume of the processed sound;
  • Mic Position: allows you to choose the virtual position of the microphone on the speakers, low values for a position far from the center of the speakers, the maximum value corresponds to a microphone positioned in the center of a speaker.