Treble Booster Series - Rock You, Wembley, QueenMaster - Electric guitar pedal

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All the audio clips have been recorded putting a Kensington pedal between Treble Booster and amp. Kensington has been set in this way:

Gain: 8/10
Cut: 9/10
Volume 3/10

Clean sound. No active pedals.

Rock You



Not so many guitarists know how much a Treble Booster is so important, the first pioneers adopting this particular effect were Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton and Brian May. Just the latter has made a "trademark" of its sound by using this small unit in every song recorded with Queen and also in his solo albums.
The 3 Colombo Audio Electronics Treble Boosters has been extremely inspired by Brian May's sound.

Wembley Treble Booster

Wembley Treble Booster is inspired by the famous concert held in 1986 by Queen, performed at Wembley Stadium, where legend tells Brian May, due to technical problems caused by an excessively long cable, inserted an additional Treble Booster in the chain generating an even sharper sound.
Wembley Treble Booster is perfect for accompanying other Treble Boosters in the chain, even if it is used, and therefore preferred, by many guitarists for its rather large, fat and warm sound.
Gain: about 35db.

Rock You Treble Booster

Rock You Treble Booster certainly features the most attributable sonic textures to the great Queen concerts in the enormous stadiums between the late 70s and 80s. The reference model is the Cornish TB-83 but several modifications has been adopted, reducing the background noise generated by this type of device.
This Treble Booster is recommended for those who want a very powerful sound that tends to lighten a lot by reducing the volume potentiometer on the guitar. Excellent alone in the chain, but also in conjunction with other Treble Boosters.
Gain: about 36db.

QueenMaster Treble Booster

QueenMaster Treble Booster is the most vintage of the series, and is intended to be a replica of the treble booster made by Brian May's father, Harold, after a Dallas Rangemaster was stolen on a tour in the mid-1970s. Official sources declare that Brian May claimed Vox AC30's "Top Boost" device (later installed directly in the AC30 as a "Brilliant" channel) was wired to an unsuitable point on the amplifier (between the preamp stage and the phase-splitter stage), therefore, the model created by the father provided for an adaptation of the Vox Top Boost circuit modified to be used as a treble booster. The QueenMaster wants to do the same thing, providing about 31db and a typical "seventies" character in order to be adopted in any guitar setup wanting to reproduce classic rock vibes.