Smoky London - Electric guitar pedal - AC30 Overdrive

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All audio clips were recorded with a handcrafted tube head and 2x12 cabinet equipped with Celestion Creamback 75 speakers set to an extremely clean setting.
The guitars used in the clips:

Fender Stratocaster (equipped with 3 Fender single coil pickups)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (equipped with 2 Gibson humbucker pickups)
Fender Telecaster American (equipped with 2 Fender single coil pickups)

Clean sound guitar/amp with no effects at all

Clip 1
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (neck pickup)
Genre: Blues
Gain: 4/10
Treble: 6/10
Bass: 4/10
Volume: 4/10

Clip 2
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup)
Genre: Rock
Gain: 8/10
Treble: 4/10
Bass: 3/10
Volume: 4/10

Clip 3
Guitar: Fender Telecaster (bridge + neck pickup)
Genre: Country/Rock
Gain: 2/10
Treble: 8/10
Bass: 3/10
Volume: 4/10

Smoky London is a vintage pedal with an English heart. Equipped with 4 controls: Volume (gain), Treble, Bass and Master, this small device evokes the sounds of the famous Vox AC30 with Silver Alnico cones from the 60s, inspired by the sound of the legendary amplifiers produced by Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI). The circuitry of Smoky London has the particularity of being able to extrapolate all the main features of both the “Normal” and “Brilliant” channels of the AC30 with a simple traditional overdrive interface. The excursion of the “Gain” potentiometer starts from a very hot clean up to the grainy saturation of what was once called “Top Boost Mod”. While the parameters “Bass” and “Treble” allow you to shape the sound at will, from warm and round distortions of the “Normal” channel to scratchy saturation of the “Brilliant” channel. Very simple! Just like the panel of a Vox! Coupled with a good Treble Booster, or as the only overdrive unit, it will make your guitar sing like the one of the idols of the past, and the volume will be usable from the bedroom to the stadium. God save Smoky London!

The ultimate British pedal
The versatility of this overdrive (even if it’s an understatement to call it overdrive) is amazing! The dynamic response has nothing to envy to the sonic capability of the 25kg counterpart. Colombo Audio Electronics previously developed other prototypes and projects related to this theme, finally reaching the definitive solution: Smoky London will surprise you in any circumstance!

Available in any configuration
The English sound of the EL84 valves has always been synonymous of extreme creaminess and softness; those who love this sound do not need to be described in words because it’s a sound “already in the ears” of fans, however it is possible to further customize Smoky London with everything that can help you improve your musical expressiveness.