Boutique guitar pedals online shop. Handmade in Italy


Boutique guitar pedals, handmade in Motta Visconti (Milan – Italy), offered by Colombo Audio Electronics, complies with quality standards that are much higher than most of the competitors’ offers. We are talking about products that are made of die-cast aluminum and then rigorously worked by hand (drilling, filing, milling, etc.) according to customer specifications. The circuits are also made manually with point-to-point technique, in fact printed circuits (PCB) are never used for any product.

Furthermore, it is important to specify that the online shop is based on compliance with the current regulations in force on electronic components. The latter are soldered with lead-free tin wire, following the traditional processing systems of the past. In this way it is possible to obtain a unique product in its kind, able to create a unique bond between the instrument and the musician. One of the main features of Colombo Audio Electronics is to allow all its customers to customize their product according to any type of stylistic or functional requirement. In this regard, each chassis can be customized as desired also in terms of layout: connectors position, potentiometers, etc. To receive more information about the online boutique shop, you can click on the contact page and mail us or contact us via Whatsapp. Handcrafted pedals by Colombo Audio Electronics in Italy has always represented a concrete point of reference for musicians, from self-taught guitarists to professional musicians. Patience, competence and passion have always been the main characteristics of a small company aiming to offer a unique and inimitable product. This project was born in 2018 from an idea of ​​Luca Colombo who, thanks to a good knowledge of electronics resulting from several years of studies and experiences, begins to produce pedals for personal use since 2013.

The online boutique and the laboratory are focused on a particular purpose: to allow all musicians to reproduce a certain sound that they had previously imagined through their instrument. It is precisely on this principle that Colombo Audio Electronics bases its entire philosophy: characterized by the desire to always offer a product capable of adapting to any type of musical requirement. In the era of mass consumerism, unfortunately, this poetic vision has been lost; in fact, today it is very complicated for a musician who is oriented in the market to find an instrument able to fully satisfy his own concept of music. And this is precisely where Colombo Audio Electronics joins the game with its handcrafted pedals, handmade in Motta Visconti (Milan – Italy).