pedali per chitarra boutique
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Handmade boutique pedals, online sale.

Pedals are part of the essential equipment for a guitarist, tools capable of shaping the sound of your instrument in a simple and fast way. Thanks to our online sale of handmade pedals, you have a very wide and customizable choice of colors and graphics. The uniqueness and the highest quality of our products are the pillars of Colombo Audio Electronics, now a point of reference for all musicians who want to reproduce exactly the sound they have in their heads (and ears)!

Our online sale of handcrafted pedals is the best way you have to give voice to your instrument: we are always ready to amaze you with unique products of their kind, paying attention even to the smallest detail! Nowadays it is certainly not easy to find, on the shelves of large distributors, a sound that fully satisfies one’s acoustic needs, every musician has unique and inimitable characteristics. That’s why we offer only exclusive products, handmade and with high quality components. Whether you prefer single guitar pedals (which can be mixed together and matched to get exactly the sound you thought of) or the versatility of a multi-effects unit, with Colombo Audio Electronics products you can find a big sound oasis with, advanced technologies and customizations. Discover our best products!

Handmade boutique pedals, online sale.

Online boutique pedals sale is another branch of Colombo Audio Electronics specialization: we offer a huge selection of pedals, built with the highest quality components by experts in audio engineering, with results that are nothing short of amazing! Their captivating design and unique sound will make you fall in love right away! On the market there are many and many clones of pedals of well-known brands of the past, which try to reproduce the sound of the latter with satisfactory results. But these are often mass-produced products in huge quantities by colossal companies whose sole purpose is business. What Colombo Audio Electronics offers through the online catalogue of boutique pedals, is a large part of pedals and amplifiers (transitors and tubes audio electronics) that have made history, boutique reproductions that exploit technological progress only for the benefit of an excellent final sound and not to speed up production in order to sell as many pieces as possible at ridiculously low prices.

The “sacred monsters” of the past are precious pieces that are very difficult to find which, despite having the good fortune to find them, would be almost unattainable economically (as required by the law of the market). Colombo Audio Electronics offers an excellent compromise between the price of a handmade work and quality. Your only job? Give vent to your imagination to decide the customization of these small masterpieces, making your final product unforgettable… to the eye and ear!